to incubate multiple innovative portfolio companies or Special Purposed Companies (SPCs)
Special Purposed Companies

Special Purposed Companies (SPCs) are NAUGEN’s portfolio companies or investees.

NAUGEN manages a fund and/or collaborates with strategic or financial investors to make investment in SPCs.

NAUGEN and Associate Companies

We cohesively collaborate with selected Associate companies and an advisory group with global top-notch expertise in major spectrum of strategic functions.

Associate companies include the ones with expertise of strategy & planning, business development, investment relations, intellectual property, legal affairs, science, research & development, clinical development & regulatory affairs, etc.

NAUGEN dreams and works together with pioneering founders and inventors by creating a comprehensive strategy to accelerate establishment, funding, growth and monetization of innovative special purposed companies (SPCs) under its umbrella in a global perspective.   
NAUGEN envisions to grow its SPCs as a globally reputable and influential companies that make a significant difference for people in need across the world.   
We drive an accelerated growth.
Identify innovative high-potential projects at a very early stage or before clinical PoC, while their potential value has not been recognized by the market.
In-license or merge & acquire synergistic components from multiple entities across the world and have them converge into an optimal vessel(SPC).
Implement a pivotal strategy & development plan to accelerate an exponential growth of the value.
We will help implement various business development strategies for SPCs’ successful funding, growth and monetization at the earliest right timing.
With the headqaurters at Washington DC Metro Area in the US, we connect with inventors and collaborators worldwide leveraging our global network with strategic regions such as Korea, Japan, etc., where innovations dynamically arise.
  • Biopharma ecosystem - NIH, FDA, etc.

  • Approachability to New York and Boston

  • Favorable living condition

  • Favorable human resources environment

  • In-depth and creative science

  • The world-class bio/pharmaceutical ecosystem

  • Asian connection to China and Japan

  • Home of dynamic biotech innovation

  • Excellent clinical trial environment

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